Interested in joining?

We have spots for mentors, mentees, and leadership positions within the organization.

What does it mean to mentor for CoB?

It is very flexible, and it is up to the mentors to decide what kind of relationship they want to have with their mentees. This means different things for different people, but the end goal is to get undergraduates to where you are.

Essentially, we're hoping mentors let their students know what they wish they had heard about graduate school and research careers at their age.

What some of us have chosen to do is:
-Review and edit students’ graduate applications, fellowship applications, C.V.s, and summer research positions applications.
-Meet and chat with mentees to describe graduate life and its timeline
-Answer any questions students have about what it means to get a Ph.D.
-Advice students on how to contact professors and become a research assistant
-How to apply to programs that pay students to be research assistants

In addition, you'd be part of a pool of graduate students that take part in our panels and professional development events.

Finally, mentors are encouraged to join our quarterly social events!

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