Colors of the Brain (CoB) is committed to diversifying STEM graduate education by providing underrepresented undergraduate students invested mentors who have gone through the transition into Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. research programs. Through this mentorship, we hope to review and edit students’ graduate applications, research conference travel awards, fellowship and internship applications, C.V.s, and summer research position applications to promote their exposure to academia and early career research.
            In addition, CoB serves as a social outlet and community for underrepresented graduate students in the brain-related sciences. We hope to also accomplish interdisciplinary collaboration by holding office hours in reserved spaces where undergraduates can interact with prospective graduate mentors, as well as serve as a productive space where graduate students can study or assist each other with projects, manuscript preparation, or just decompress about academic life. Outreach through the Neurosciences Graduate Program Outreach Committee serves as an optional outlet for those interested in introducing high-school students to the brain.
            Our long-term goals include coordinating with undergraduate diversity research programs such as IMSD, SURF, CAMP, and McNair to have a steady stream of research-oriented undergraduate pool to mentor. Furthermore, a podcast where students willing to talk about their experiences getting into research in the face of adversity will serve as a fun outlet that would give a voice to student’s who often find themselves without one. Overall, our mission is to provide a sense of belonging to students often underrepresented in terms of gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status at a time in history when we need it most.

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